About People(Ops)

People(Ops) provides top of funnel sourcing for culture-driven, mission-centric teams in these categories:

a. Sales
b. Coding
c. Product Design
d. Growth
e. Design
f.  Corporate Storyteller

Every day our team scours the known universe to find candidates that, on the surface, look to fit your requirements that you have assigned to us to focus on.  These are not batch emails sent to every recruiting company once a week.  These are daily, curated lists, of targeted candidates picked and shared with you and your team.  20-50+ candidates a day, every day.  

85% of Candidate Submittals result in an interview 

1:5 Result in an offer 



Favorite Clients

Venture backed companies with a strong sense of mission and culture.

Hardest search

Plastic Surgeon with battlefield experience for about half of market rate.

Where are you located?

All of our sourcers are based at our HQ in Tallahassee Florida.

People(Ops) puts your mission & culture front and center



It is not just about finding candidates that fit...it is about finding candidates that 'Fit in.' 
Having access to the world's best talent doesn't do your company a bit of good if those candidates are just shopping for the highest salary possible.  Sure compensation matters but we believe things like finding the right culture, mission, team, and project alignment at the end of the day matter even more. 
This is why we focus all of our sourcing efforts on finding candidates that do not just fit your criteria but also fit in culturally with your team and what your company purpose is.  


The strategy is simple, let's say you have set out to build the world's best coffee cup.  If you hire a bunch of people who are great at building cups but do not care about coffee...it's not going to work.