The process that 99% of professionals use for recruiting is antiquated, under-performing, and is typically the low point of the day for all those involved.  

What if every component of the process was tweaked, improved, or in many cases just replaced?  What if the process from start to finish was actually a good experience?  What if it was a positive experience for the recruiter, the hiring manager, and the candidate?  What if you (the recruiter OR hiring manager) knew with 100% certainty that unless something really bizarre happened, your search would be filled within 90 days?  What if you knew that the metrics reports delivered would be stunning and available in real time?

What we have pulled together here at PeopleOps is audacious, we know.  We are aiming for perfection with surgical precision and highly predictable outcomes.  Let's start at the beginning.  




The "Client Experience" 

  In corporate searches with a retained search agency, the phrase "client experience" is rarely spoken.  As an industry, we talk a lot about candidate experience but relegate client experience to the results of the search.  While results obviously matter, we feel there is a better thought process to the client experience, and it is weaved into every step of the search.

  The adamant attention to the client experience begins when we properly set up the search.  This includes an in-depth intake session (we call it a blue print meeting) that looks beyond the must-haves and really dives into the culture of the company, the specific background of the team, and other drivers often overlooked by agencies.  

  Next, we only deliver the "A" players.  We do this by treating the search like we were hiring for our own company.  Our screenings with candidates are incredibly in-depth, so that you, the client, do not waste time dealing with candidates who unqualified for hire.

  Finally, we deliver both the candidates & remarkable data in formats so compelling that even the pickiest of hiring authorities are spurred into action.   Of course, there are also lots of highly personalized 'surprises' for our clients along the way.  

Screen Shot 2013-05-01 at 11.54.07 AM.png

Outbound & Inbound Executive Search

  This is where a lot of the magic happens.  PeopleOps deploys two distinct executive search teams that work on your search in concert.   

   Our Outbound team does what you would expect from an elite executive search sourcing group: Cold calling, deep web searching, messaging, and effective social media outreach.  We go directly to the passive candidates you are really looking for. 

   Our Inbound team is the future of where recruiting is going.  We invest heavily in building authentic online communities.  We are doing this to be able to reach beyond the traditional referral request and to solicit, from our communities directly, referrals that are the holy grail of recruiting and are often the best candidates far and away.  In addition, our inbound team will design compelling campaigns to attract exceedingly qualified candidates.