A Human Powered Pier-Pier Blockchain Economy


For Those of us in the technology community, we feel fairly confident even with automation and artificial Intelligence changing ‘how’ we work we will still be able to make a living…and quite possibly better than ever before. 

That said, we all know at least 50 people that are not going to be fine.  Truck drivers alone represent 4m jobs in the U.S. alone.  

What happens to our society when the 'jobocalypse' happens?  Peopleops has a vision for a brighter future for everyone not just those of us who know its coming…that future is powered by H.I. Coin. 




It all started when...

I was driving my son home on a Sunday afternoon after spending some time with him.  We were discussing what he wanted to be when he grew up.  Having built the some of the best teams for some of the best brands in the world, this is one area that I feel like as a Dad I can really add value for my son.  After giving him lots of encouragement on his dream, I also mentioned to him that we live in a time when things are changing fast and that things like Artificial Intelligence are going to dramatically change the way we work.  

After explaining to him how this would happen, I told him that if anyone could figure out how to help all of these people who are going to lose their jobs due to automation and artificial intelligence will help a lot of people. Without skipping a beat he said "Dad, would this work?" And he began to explain the foundation for what became H.I. Coins.  My answer "Yeah Son that'll do it." 


A box of tomatoes are harvested from a roof top garden in Brooklyn.  The dad, in his mid 50’s growing them used to be an architect.  

The woman picking up the case of tomatoes, Sarah, used to be a dispatcher for a taxi service.  She now handles logistics for more then 200 growers across Brooklyn.  

As soon as the pick up happens both the grower and the woman get a ping on their smart phone that they have been paid h.i. Coins. 

Sarah brings the case of tomatoes to a sales distributors home just over Brooklyn bridge into the city.  Tom, the sales distributor divides the case of tomatoes into 5 orders, the largest order is going up the street to a family that has grown a great national business canning produce.  Three of the orders are being picked up throughout the day as a part of a food share box that families have been enjoying and the rest are being delivered to a chef who buys almost everything through the H.I. community.  

Food, services, hard Goods, and more are in the H.I. ecosystem.  This allows families to not only replace their incomes but they can do it in a way that brings more joy to them versus the cubicle farm they were destined for.  Humans are wired to make things.  H.I. Coin creates a way that even with automation and Artificial intelligence wiping out entire sectors, humans can still thrive. 

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