At PeopleOps, we have led candidate development efforts for companies ranging from Fortune 10, to teams comprised of only 10. In 2006, after exiting a company based around research, founder Jonah Manning crafted a candidate sourcing methodology around reversing the standard recruiting process. This method propelled PeopleOps through the next 8 years, working with clients ranging from Google to Gulfstream Aerospace.

Given the dramatic changes in the landscape from a candidate development perspective, Jonah, once again started to re-develop the methodology. The goal this time was to re-engineer every step of the recruiting process to make sourcing more agile, precise and effective. Instead of looking at marketing ideas for answers, we turned to software. After all, software companies is what we focus on. Below is a break down of our new process and what we have pivoted to. We are excited about delivering a truly exceptional candidate development solution to growing teams.


Our Process


After initial discovery and calibrations, we work in an Agile-influenced candidate development cycle to source for your candidates.

Phase 1: Discovery

Our first step in any new client relationship is to sit down and learn about you. Our candidate developers, coordinators and client service partners assigned to your project will examine your existing business situation, current employee roster , market strategies, and broad growth details. We’ll challenge your ideas, provide our input, and help hone your goals until they are concise and measurable.

Phase 2: Calibration 

Our designers and developers will work with you for an extended session – usually 1-3 days in length – in order to analyze your openings initial set of functional requirements and capture them visually (White boarding notes via video web chat)

Phase 3: Design & Development

Once solid search framework and calibrations are in place, we begin searching. You’ll talk to our team at least once a day (see “Daily Standup” in the next section), and we can change direction on searches.

PEOPLEOPS developers bill an average of 40 hours per week and spend the vast majority of their billable time actually working on sourcing for your requisitions (versus meetings and other activities that do not directly result in candidates). We anticipate a maximum of 5 hours of our sourcers time to be needed per week, and there are some weeks when they will not be needed at all. 

In order to maximize client communication while keeping our candidate developers on task, we also assign a part- time client service manager role, approximately 5-20 hours per week (depending on the project’s complexity.)


Daily Standup

The team assigned to your project will meet with you for a face-to-face video chat every morning for no more than 5-10 minutes, to keep you abreast of their progress and clear up any questions or issues that may arise. Our goal is to keep you involved and up-to-date while minimizing your time commitment required.


Agile searching & Continuous calibration

Our discovery and calibration process is built to allow each requisite to be judged on its own merit. We recognize that requirements & interactions may change as a search matures and the granular nature of the calibrations allow for re-prioritization and “must-have” adjustment without affecting the project’s overall momentum.

Must-have revisions are integrated with the project’s core search criteria multiple times per day. We deploy regularly, allowing for the client to experience and verify every change as soon as it’s implemented.


Pair Sourcing 

Our candidate developers source in pairs in order to maintain maximum productivity and quality levels. This fosters an environment of active collaboration where problems are easily overcome and candidates are developed quickly and with the best quality possible.


Candidate-Centric Outreach

Our candidate developers are fully-versed on how to approach candidates with authenticity and are NOT copy and paste recruiters. Our methodology team (both design & copy development) is experienced with both small marketing sites and large-scale outreaches. We give the highest priority to designing for specific brands and scenarios. Our team values consistent language that is both intuitive to the user and optimized for the platform we are searching on.


A Perpetual Learning Environment

At PeopleOps we are consistently early adopters for new tools and search methodologies. We understand even a 6% advantage at scale can result in huge wins for our clients. Best of all, we do not lean on the recruiting industry to provide our tools. We look at other areas such as content marketing, growth marketing and research to find creative tools not used by mainstream recruiting.