PeopleOps Deal Flow & Commerce Practice 

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We all have those clients.  The ones that we legitimately consider friends.  The ones that if it was practical we would probably work with for free.  We also all have those clients that no amount of money will make you want to take their call.  

Our deal flow practice, often referred to as our commerce practice, is built around two fundamental beliefs.  

Belief 1.  Sales should be frictionless.  

  Gleaning from a TedX talk from Simon Sinek, let's say you want to sell to people wearing red hats.  The assumption would be you too would be wearing a red hat.  You would stand on a busy corner and as you see others with a red hat you would invite them over.  It would be easy to ignore all the others and simply find people wearing red hats.  After some time and you have fifteen or so people gathered all wearing a red hat you will start to have people walking up asking where they too can get a red hat.  That is how selling should be.  

  We should not focus on selling to people in our verticals and markets who simply can benefit from our products or services.  Instead, we should focus on providing value to people in our verticals and markets that align with our own beliefs.  People who believe what we believe.  If you are adding value to people in your vertical and markets who believe what you believe and can benefit from your product or service, what do you suppose the outcome would be? 


Belief 2.  The best companies are often not the best marketers.

  The best artisan bakers in San Francisco, the candle maker in Florida, the best carpenter in Ohio, the linens manufacturer in Italy, the wine maker in Argentina.  The best makers of our day are often confined to the 5-10% of market share derived from people who will seek out products like they make.  The other 90% of the market will likely never even know they exist.  Why?  Because the best mainstream marketers and brands are in most cases not the best products or services.  

  PeopleOps Deal Flow & Commerce practice groups understands this.  Our opinion is we know where the best products and services are and we are constantly interviewing and scouring for more partners.  We help procurement leaders innovate their indirect supplier sourcing by pairing them with products, services, or solutions architected by the best companies we can find.  The end result is often a far superior buying experience, amazing customer support, and often a 10-20% decrease in cost. 


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