About this practice

In our opinion, retail is an industry that is facing some of the most disruption.  From price squeezing, finding quality & cost effective supply chains, and competition at every level is a testament to the courage and tenacity of retail executives whom chose fight over flight. 

Sticking to our 'three truths' core philosophy we help retailers expand their customer base through a plethora of solutions, we help lower cost and optimize performance of their operations, and in some cases help them acquire new revenue channels or carve-out ones that are no longer apart of the companies core direction. 

 PeopleOps Retail

PeopleOps Retail

What we do

We help clients address pressing challenges. Examples include:

  • Strategy & Growth Marketing
    Laying the foundations for top-line growth through corporate strategy design, business development, acquisitions, and format renewal.
  • Opportunity Sourcing
    Creating new product offerings, revenue streams, and improved partnerships. 
  • Operations
    Improving the bottom line through lean retailing, optimized sourcing, best practice supply chain management, and efficient store operations.
  • Marketing
    Creating authentic marketing plans that break through the noise and help buyers become more loyal to your brand.
  • Human Capital
    Adding or replacing key contributors from executive levels down to regional players to improve overall performance. 
  • Technology 
    Putting on the same thinking cap that startup CTO's do... we help build IT systems that are not inflated with cost and just work. 

We have the flexibility and the expertise to create customized solutions for our retail clients, whatever their specific challenges may be.

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