PeopleOps is a boutique but emerging global brand that is behind the curtains of the world’s best companies of all sizes.


It's not about the service, lot's of firms provide good service.  Its not about price, lots of firms will cut every corner to win a 'transaction.'  It is about understanding.  We truly, really, actually understand what our clients want.  We spend the time to understand.

You have to understand what you want to achieve so you can know how to get it. 

Too many executives do not spend the time to get honest about what they want to achieve…Let's figure out the result and work backwards…lets get to work!


In simple terms here are the three things we are best at:

1) We can build the world's best teams that are authentically aligned with a companies mission, vision, and culture.  

2) We can revolutionize how companies grow their top line revenue by partnering with us. 

3) We help founders pair with private equity, corporate M&A, or family offices that have a proven track record of wrapping their arms around the founding team and accelerating through their mission. 


Everything we do revolves around:

1) Working with brands, founders, and executive teams we authentically like & believe in. 

2) Not cutting corners.  If you want to buy on price, candidates that are looking for the highest salary, or new clients that just want the cheapest bid you have come to the wrong place.  All of our services are competitive within our top tier competitors, but we are by far not the least expensive option. 

3) We expect your attention.  Regardless if we are introducing you to a top executive, a new client, a potential investor, a potential acquisition, etc. we fully expect your participation, willingness to do the work, and respectful of our value we provide to the process.  We are an at-will partner in all of our contracts and we will not hesitate to terminate a relationship that does not allow us to succeed. 



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