Our Why


Few things in life impact us as much as our careers.  Where we choose to work, what we choose to do, who we choose to do it with has ripple effects through our entire lives.  Often, our identity is wrapped up in what we do.  


Because of its importance, its really really important to get this right.  We believe in throwing out that status quo of how you hire people, launch startups, or even find customers.  


Our vision is to help people unlock their true passions and match the closest professional reality to that…or if doesn't exist yet help to create it.  For some people that is landing at their dream job ….but we go a step further to help understand why it is their dream job in the first place.  


Some people, are unemployable.  Often we call these people Founders (I can say that because I am one of them).  We help founders build teams that are not there to just take there money and run at the first sign of trouble.  We want to build teams that their competency, which is significant in their own right, are eclipsed by their passion and belief in what they are are building. 


We hope all these things for ourselves as well.  Which is why we seek customers who agree with this belief and want it for their own organizations.  


We are builders.  We work tirelessly for our clients to build teams, leaders, solutions, customers, and strategy.   We are People | Ops and we invite you to join us. 

2 X B < A

2 X B &lt; A

Two B players do not equal the results or productivity of an A player.  


Even for veteran leaders the allure of saving a few dollars in compensation to hire a long shot candidate versus paying the often painful salaries of top producers is a trap to often caught in.   

In an era of ever increasing automation that make non-essential tasks far easier to absorb versus needing a second person finding an A player that can keep the strategy of the project or operation intact is vital. 

Interesting enough this doesn't necessarily mean the most experienced.  Personally I would hire a less experienced candidate with clear hunger and drive over a candidate that is solely relying on past experience.  

Of course if you find the candidate with drive & experience (which will cost the most) that is when you can see 7-10x return compared to their cheaper counterparts.  

Executive Search

Executive Search

Although we have had our fair share of executive level candidate searches over the years we have not established a true executive search practice...until now.  We believe, like in every other corner of industry, that leadership within companies is changing.  What is not changing however are core characteristics a great leader embodies.  

Finding these leaders whom can work across three to four generational gaps simultaneously while also having the core individual skill sets that make their role in technology, marketing, sales, customer success, etc a success.  This is a tall order for any hiring leader. 

Fortunately, PeopleOps not only focuses on finding leaders with the core competencies to meet your business requirements coupled with a proven track record of authentic leadership...we also take it a step further and cultivate candidates that are passionate about what your company is trying to achieve.



Where in your business are you interacting with the greatest influencers in your industry?  Customers? Likely answer but not really.  Most companies are selling to people outside their industry or their companies are industry agnostic.  This same logic also negates customer service.  Keep in mind, I am not suggesting your customers are not important.  

  How you interact with people in your own industry (directly or indirectly) can have a high amount of impact on your companies success.  Why?  Your customers do not manage your books, build your products, deliver your services, or sell your company to themselves?  Your very vitality has a lot to do with what happens AFTER the client signs the purchase order or swipes their credit card.  

  What is the ONLY department that deals with the people who end up populating these functions?  You guessed it, recruiting.  Here is the interesting thing about that.  Let's say your company hires 15 people a year across all departments.  Odds are you probably interviewed a half a dozen people per role before making an offer.  To get 6 candidates to interviews, your recruiters probably sifted through at least 30 inbound resumes, referrals, and a few passive candidates.  

  That means, your recruiting department is directly talking to over 360 people specifically within your industry, specifically interested (or at least was) in your brand.  How were they treated?  What did they learn?  Did they even get a callback?  

  Sourcing, when done right, is so critical to a companies well-being and is a great temperature check of their culture.  What if instead of paying for your posts to show up on job boards you took the time to have a sourcer completely curate the process with your hiring manager?  What if instead of reaching out to 30 you reached out to 12 that you already knew were interested?  What if every person was treated like they could actually become a part of your team.  What if we actually cared that much as a organization?  What if we cared that much period.  

The Back Story

The Back Story

  Our roots do not stem from the Human Resource space.  We were researchers first that found our niche within the human capital world.  Our founders' previous companies were built on name-generation, research architecture, and competitive intelligence.  That foundation is what lead to the idea for PeopleOps.  Our early success, when we launched in 2008, came from the idea that instead of interrupting candidates with cold-calls we can use our data sets to allow massive quantities of ultra-targeted candidates 'self-selected' themselves.  In a landscape that was still heavily cold-calling from a job board, this idea was a juggernaut.  Our little company based in a relatively obscure city of Tallahassee Florida was able to get hired by captains of industry and the darlings of tech. 

  Fast forward to the present day.  Our old process has been replaced by tools like LI Recruiter, Entelo, and dozens of others.  These tools are great and many we use in-house and recommend to our clients without hesitation.  Just like marketers have ruined most of the great products that the internet has offered us recruiters are ever eager to jump on that bandwagon and be the last guys to the party.  Today the average engineer get's twenty-seven (27) messages across the platforms he or she frequents.  This is not necessarily just emails or inmails (although that number alone is substantial) but it now consists of sponsored tweets, Facebook dark posts, and a barrage of Linkedin advertising.  

  How is a company of any size supposed to recruit really the best talent in this kind of climate?  Moreover, we selfishly ask for ourselves as well, how can we as a service provider add 2-4X value over any conceivable competitor both within the clients own organization or from another vendor? 

Turns out, both questions have the same answer. 



People derive an overwhelmingly significant portion of who they are from their occupation. Occupation has ripple effects not only to people's own lives, but also to their spouses, children, dogs, you get the point.  Given the weight that career choices carry...it is really important to get this decision right. People desire to be fulfilled by what they do, to be aligned with a company that believes what they believe, and to work hard for something because it matters. PeopleOps will connect millions of people to companies that matter