Our Legacy Process

After A/B testing and measuring everything we have learned the process components that results in almost a 25X increase in almost every metric we care about versus engagements where we have allowed deviation from our core process.  That said, we are recommitting to sticking with the methodology that has the best SLA's we have ever scene consistently.  Here is how we work:

PeopleOps Workflow:

Step 1: We make sure we get setup properly.  We request access to the applicant tracking systems (Lever, Greenhouse, Jobvite, and Jazz preferred).  Introductions to the team, calendar invites, etc.  We have found getting setup in the beginning properly results in a 50% lower time to fill. 

 Step 2:  We recommend assigning us 5-10 searches at a time.  Any less and it puts too much pressure on hiring managers and adding any more we will not achieve the velocity on any given search to gain traction in a timely manner.  Of course clients can always request additional seats as needed. 

Step 3:  We conduct a hiring strategy directly in your Applicant Tracking System.  This allows us to not only drill down on the obvious must have's like software stack, company pedigree, etc but also glean insights on the culture fits and soft skills your team holds important. 

Step 4:  Regular check-ins with recruiting team.  We set up a weekly check-in with the hiring team. Going over priorities, who we have in what stages, check in on how their week is going. Building a strong relationship is a huge part of this being successful. Checking in once a week keeps everyone fresh.

Step 5:  Velocity is important. We deliver 100 candidates weekly across all searches.  The key is all of the candidates are still pre-calibrated prior to reaching out.  This allows us to curate without sacrificing time to fill. 

Step 6: Calibration IS KEY. We set up weekly hiring manager calibration calls per search.  We do regular checkins with hiring managers to go over batches.  We stop when a batch gets passed a certain uncalibrated number and will shift focus to other priorities OR when the hiring manager feels we have a strong understanding of the search and can virtually calibrate inside of the applicant tracking system. However, verbal calibrations are also preferred because we build strong relationships with our hiring managers.  Lack of communication = death of relationship.

Step 7: Messaging is critical.  We craft messages that are tweet-able in length, give the candidate all they need to know to asses if they would like to have a conversation, without compromising the ethos of a brand.  It truly is art meets science.  We HIGHLY prefer to load these curated decks into a modern ATS like Lever or Greenhouse and have the hiring managers click send so that the messaging comes from them.  Response rate is 15X higher. 

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