Our Why


Few things in life impact us as much as our careers.  Where we choose to work, what we choose to do, who we choose to do it with has ripple effects through our entire lives.  Often, our identity is wrapped up in what we do.  


Because of its importance, its really really important to get this right.  We believe in throwing out that status quo of how you hire people, launch startups, or even find customers.  


Our vision is to help people unlock their true passions and match the closest professional reality to that…or if doesn't exist yet help to create it.  For some people that is landing at their dream job ….but we go a step further to help understand why it is their dream job in the first place.  


Some people, are unemployable.  Often we call these people Founders (I can say that because I am one of them).  We help founders build teams that are not there to just take there money and run at the first sign of trouble.  We want to build teams that their competency, which is significant in their own right, are eclipsed by their passion and belief in what they are are building. 


We hope all these things for ourselves as well.  Which is why we seek customers who agree with this belief and want it for their own organizations.  


We are builders.  We work tirelessly for our clients to build teams, leaders, solutions, customers, and strategy.   We are People | Ops and we invite you to join us. 

Jonah Manning

I #source #people #capital and #dealflow // General Partner @ConsortiumLP // Founder @PeopleOps // Dad // friend to a Jewish Carpenter //