The Micro-Content Producer specializes in telling our clients mission and opportunities to candidates in formats the transcend traditional phone or email.  

Who are you?

You’re an ultimate team player who will create value in any situation. You understand brand voice and have a passion for storytelling on every platform.  You can recognize trends, and use data to make recommendations and optimize your content.  You’re highly observant and write because you love to.  You can execute quickly and manage your time well. You’re aware of your strengths and your weaknesses.  You’re cool in the face of a challenge.  You’re “good at the internet.” You understand how to be strategic and in what circumstances determine different levels of tact. 

The task at hand:

  • You’ll work within a agile team structure with several inbound and outbound consultants to write and develop content that helps great opportunities from great brands break through the noise.

  • You’ll help drive industry best practices and the ability to design content appropriate for each social platform, as well as be willing to learn and articulate the unique PeopleOps POV on each

  • You’ll care more about concepting, writing, developing, and putting the team in the best position to present our ideas than you do about getting credit for the work

  • You’re expected to be as much of a friendly teacher as a proficient doer when working with project managers and multi-disciplinary team around you

  • You’ll have strong storytelling skills, a mastery of grammar and the English language, and a strategic mind that can make creative decisions based on data

  • You’ll invest in popular culture and digital spaces to bring seemingly unrelated content ideas and concepts to bear

The Ideal Candidate has:

  • A Bachelor’s degree and 0-3 years of experience copywriting, developing, and creating for digital/social strategies + campaigns

  • Strong conceptual and brainstorming skills

  • The ability to follow direction and take constructive criticism

  • An aptitude for time management, organization, and communication

  • The ability to write concisely and with a strong voice, without typo or delay and with general editorial sensibilities

  • The ability to effectively collaborate with various teams, providing the most useful guidance in an enthusiastic and inspiring manner

  • A sparkling personality that will mesh well with the existing PeopleOps family and a smile on their face a majority of the time

  • An insatiable curiosity and knowledge about all things social, web, and mobile

  • A deep love and respect for communities and the power that can be housed within them supplemented by a commitment to listen and adapt as they change

  • Passion for the things you do outside of work-we love people who can bring their own interests into the mix

Please submit a digital portfolio with resume submissions.

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Jonah Manning

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