The Back Story

  Our roots do not stem from the Human Resource space.  We were researchers first that found our niche within the human capital world.  Our founders' previous companies were built on name-generation, research architecture, and competitive intelligence.  That foundation is what lead to the idea for PeopleOps.  Our early success, when we launched in 2008, came from the idea that instead of interrupting candidates with cold-calls we can use our data sets to allow massive quantities of ultra-targeted candidates 'self-selected' themselves.  In a landscape that was still heavily cold-calling from a job board, this idea was a juggernaut.  Our little company based in a relatively obscure city of Tallahassee Florida was able to get hired by captains of industry and the darlings of tech. 

  Fast forward to the present day.  Our old process has been replaced by tools like LI Recruiter, Entelo, and dozens of others.  These tools are great and many we use in-house and recommend to our clients without hesitation.  Just like marketers have ruined most of the great products that the internet has offered us recruiters are ever eager to jump on that bandwagon and be the last guys to the party.  Today the average engineer get's twenty-seven (27) messages across the platforms he or she frequents.  This is not necessarily just emails or inmails (although that number alone is substantial) but it now consists of sponsored tweets, Facebook dark posts, and a barrage of Linkedin advertising.  

  How is a company of any size supposed to recruit really the best talent in this kind of climate?  Moreover, we selfishly ask for ourselves as well, how can we as a service provider add 2-4X value over any conceivable competitor both within the clients own organization or from another vendor? 

Turns out, both questions have the same answer. 

Jonah Manning

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