Where in your business are you interacting with the greatest influencers in your industry?  Customers? Likely answer but not really.  Most companies are selling to people outside their industry or their companies are industry agnostic.  This same logic also negates customer service.  Keep in mind, I am not suggesting your customers are not important.  

  How you interact with people in your own industry (directly or indirectly) can have a high amount of impact on your companies success.  Why?  Your customers do not manage your books, build your products, deliver your services, or sell your company to themselves?  Your very vitality has a lot to do with what happens AFTER the client signs the purchase order or swipes their credit card.  

  What is the ONLY department that deals with the people who end up populating these functions?  You guessed it, recruiting.  Here is the interesting thing about that.  Let's say your company hires 15 people a year across all departments.  Odds are you probably interviewed a half a dozen people per role before making an offer.  To get 6 candidates to interviews, your recruiters probably sifted through at least 30 inbound resumes, referrals, and a few passive candidates.  

  That means, your recruiting department is directly talking to over 360 people specifically within your industry, specifically interested (or at least was) in your brand.  How were they treated?  What did they learn?  Did they even get a callback?  

  Sourcing, when done right, is so critical to a companies well-being and is a great temperature check of their culture.  What if instead of paying for your posts to show up on job boards you took the time to have a sourcer completely curate the process with your hiring manager?  What if instead of reaching out to 30 you reached out to 12 that you already knew were interested?  What if every person was treated like they could actually become a part of your team.  What if we actually cared that much as a organization?  What if we cared that much period.  

Jonah Manning

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