Press Release: PeopleOps successfully exits Cole | Bishop LLC to create unified firm

Originally when we discovered our "knack" for the corporate development/M&A space we thought we needed to set up a stand-alone brand in order to not confuse the marketplace.  After all why would a recruiting company get involved in M&A.

We think that was a mistake.  While it made sense from a branding perspective our true authentic path we took to get here was via our experience with recruiting.  It turns out that finding great companies that pair well with other great companies is a lot like hiring a new CMO or VP of Engineering.  

So we have just executed an exit of our own.  One of my former business partners quickly agreed to acquire Cole | Bishop LLC for a $2.4M note.   The plan is to continue running it with the same vision of providing innovative solutions to the more than 3000 funds, corporate M&A departments, and family offices that we have curated.  

Now, PeopleOps is emerging through this new chapter by also providing these services as part of our new comprehensive suite of offerings that also include strategy & operational consulting.  The future is bright. 



Jonah Manning

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