We believe companies both win and lose because of their people.  

The interesting finding is the variable between the teams that win and the teams that fail in the vast majority of cases is not aptitude, its belief

If a company hires purely on aptitude, they get greatly skilled people who are only working for a paycheck.  In contrast, if a company puts equal value in the person being aligned with the companies mission, belief, and vision then that person will adopt that identity with passion and will pour their lives into that company.  

The question that has an obvious answer is 'why do not all companies then hire for great fit.'  The answer is in majority of cases is they try, they can't, they do not have the resources, they do not have the time, or they themselves are only working for a paycheck and likewise do not believe or align with the companies mission, purpose, culture, or vision.  

After more then a decade of fighting on the front lines in the war for talent for some of the best brands of our day we have learned that in order to truly win and also to be able to cut through the noisy recruiting marketplace we MUST recruit for people who organically align with the our client, otherwise the apptitude simply will not matter.

We accomplish this by reversing the candidate funnel and focusing only on candidates we know are apptitude fits so we can focus on screening them for alignment with the company, team, mission, and culture.  

We do this without sacrificing volume or speed.  

We do this at about half the price of a Sr. Contract Sourcer.  

Our People team builds culture-driven, mission-centric teams & solutions in these categories:

a. Sales
b. Coding
c. Product Design
d. Growth
e. Design
f.  Corporate Storyteller


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