Talent is the End Game

Talent is the end game for companies of all sizes

Between April 2015 and October 2015 you will see around 100,000 professionals on H1B visas

relocate to the United States. The majority will likely go to the bay area with a smaller

percentage settling in New York, Boston, and Texas. Why? Because the war for talent has

become white hot. Hotter than 2001? I think so.

If you look at the landscape in 2001, sure there was a tech “boom” but compared to the

amount of companies that are between angel rounds and IPO’d in the bay area now dwarfs

that number. Add in the tech booms we have seen in other markets like New York, Austin,

Boston, Dallas, and Seattle.

In today’s climate regardless if you are a startup marching toward your series A benchmarks

or a proven entity now public…the future success of your company hangs on talent.

So how do you win?


First, you must realize why recruiting talent is difficult. The first problem is saturation. This is

the most obvious. There are more jobs than there are qualified engineers to fill them within a

geographic foot print. The under toe issue of this is bad habits by recruiters. The ‘stack it

high, let fly’ methodology used by so many recruiters is actually a pivot in and of itself. Not

too many years ago, the inmail was a phone call from recruiters combing through job boards.

Candidates that do match a geographic target are bombarded daily with canned messages

asking them to apply. This creates a robust tune out that makes it hard for your opportunity

to break through the noise.

The second issue is how do you break through the noise? There are several long plays that

work really well but let’s face it, 90% of recruiting is reactionary and not proactive. So a long

view is not a luxury for most talent acquisition teams. So in the short term, the simple things

recruiting teams can do are:

1) Stop trying to close on the first email.

2) Go quality, not quantity, and personalize the messaging. At scale, your numbers will be

amazingly different.

3) Know the position you are recruiting for…seriously, know it.


Jonah Manning

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