Engineer in the spotlight!

A couple of questions that allow a peek inside the mind of a Data Engineer!

 Thanks, Yu Feng for taking the time to answer my questions! 

Me:  What made you want to be a Data Engineer?
Yu Feng: First of all, interest and passion. I love to investigate the hidden
information and discover the trends in data to improve understanding and
stimulate industry. Second, intellectual industry is the big trend for the
next several decades.

Me: What types of things can comprise Data?
Yu Feng: Historical records, user inputs, user records, user connectivity and data
collected by web crawler in the form of records, voice, image and

Me:  How do you ensure Data Integrity?
Yu Feng: Collect data with better credibility, careful ETL work, follow the last
technique trends, research with reliable algorithms, careful and honest

Me: What are your Favorite programming languages/Codes?
Yu Feng: I usually use Matlab and R do prototyping and use Python, Java/Scala to
implement algorithms depends on the data scale and research questions.
If you are asking Sample codes and framework.
I love the source code of Spark, which provide functions of distributed
systems, Spark SQL, MLlib, GraphX and real-time streaming with only around
30,000 lines of scala codes.

Me: What are your Favorite Companies? 
Yu Feng: Apple, Google and IBM.


Thanks to Yu Feng for answering my questions, please take a second and connect with him on LinkedIn!


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