THIS IS AN EXAMPLE.  As a 500M Chemicals company, you are probably spending hundreds of millions a year on chemicals which is your core business.  At the same time you are probably spending, while less, several million on things like technology, infrastructure, etc.  You probably run up a 6-7 figure tab on toilet paper alone.  Let's say you spend $1m a year on paper products like toilet paper.  This is probably being delivered by a static supplier, likely one of the large manufacturers.  What if, instead of getting the same product you always have, that product could be replaced by an early stage company based in the Pacific Northwest that has created an innovative way to make a superior quality toilet paper?  What if that new company could deliver that same quantity of toilet paper, with a superior product, for 15-20% less than you are paying now?  It may not seem like that big of a deal, but it is because of these four reasons:

1) Your $1M~ that is barely a line item to the major manufacturer just changed that early stage companies world. 

2) Your static supply chain is now agile and innovative.  While our service for this comes at no cost to you, imagine taking that same approach across every line item?  

3) Your company gets to enjoy the same artisanal curation we are seeing consumers demand in their everyday lives.  (Think TacoBell circa 1990 versus Chipotle today).

4) I cannot imagine why you would have a crisis around toilet paper, but if you did I assure you the founders of the new company would be on the next flight out to change your role personally.  Welcome to real customer service and responsiveness.