Why we love sourcing (and so should you).

  Where in your business are you interacting with the greatest influencers in your industry?  Customers? Likely answer but not really.  Most companies are selling to people outside their industry or their companies are industry agnostic.  This same logic also negates customer service.  Keep in mind, I am not suggesting your customers are not important.  

  How you interact with people in your own industry (directly or indirectly) can have a high amount of impact on your companies success.  Why?  Your customers do not manage your books, build your products, deliver your services, or sell your company to themselves?  Your very vitality has a lot to do with what happens AFTER the client signs the purchase order or swipes their credit card.  

  What is the ONLY department that deals with the people who end up populating these functions?  You guessed it, recruiting.  Here is the interesting thing about that.  Let's say your company hires 15 people a year across all departments.  Odds are you probably interviewed a half a dozen people per role before making an offer.  To get 6 candidates to interviews, your recruiters probably sifted through at least 30 inbound resumes, referrals, and a few passive candidates.  

  That means, your recruiting department is directly talking to over 360 people specifically within your industry, specifically interested (or at least was) in your brand.  How were they treated?  What did they learn?  Did they even get a callback?  

  Sourcing, when done right, is so critical to a companies well-being and is a great temperature check of their culture.  What if instead of paying for your posts to show up on job boards you took the time to have a sourcer completely curate the process with your hiring manager?  What if instead of reaching out to 30 you reached out to 12 that you already knew were interested?  What if every person was treated like they could actually become a part of your team.  What if we actually cared that much as a organization?  What if we cared that much period.  

How to get 5X ROI on your Talent Acquisition spend

Even if your staffing budget is gigantic compared to the rest of the industry, that only means as a leader you have to show your organization that much more in return.  So any-time you can maximize your return on investment, that is something most leaders take a hard look at. 

Enter PeopleOps.  In the past we have been a traditional time + materials contract sourcer billing upwards of $90hr to source candidates.  The reason companies pay that is they know that even at $90hr its pretty easy to show value over retained & contingency search firms if you can make a hire.

This year, in 2015, after much testing and tweaking.  PeopleOps has rolled out a flat rate subscription type sourcing model that puts your ROI front and center.  

Here is the skinny:  We offer a  10k monthly plan for unlimited amount of non-executive searches.  The math is simple really and we assume the risk on the front end.  

Let's say your company averages 15 openings at any given time with an average salary of $100k.  That means over the course of 12 months we will have supported somewhere in the ball-park of 180 jobs.  

1000 screened & qualified candidates over the course of a year spread across 180 searches.  Let's say that we have a 1:30 hiring ratio (no, that is NOT common..we are typically somewhere around 85%).  That is 28 hires for the year.  28 hires x 100k average at 25% agency rate (if your company pays lower agency rates the math still works out great, especially given this is a baseline scenario).  That is a normal commission of $700k a year paid out to agencies.  We would have billed $120k for the whole year, creating a 5X ROI on spend.  

Now, let's say you are a team that doesn't use agencies.  Internal recruiting teams are not cheap either.  If you are working mostly with contractors you can spend $700k supporting 180 searches very easily, especially when you factor in tools & operating costs. 





Terms & Conditions

The MSAs (Master Services Agreement) between the client stakeholder and PeopleOps will dictate the terms and conditions of the proposed solution. Individual phases of work will be contracted as Statements of Work executed between both parties appended to the MSA as per our usual business practice.

Work for Hire

Candidate development work performed as part of this proposal shall be deemed work-for-hire, meaning that PeopleOps retains absolutely no copyright ownership, right, title and/or interest in the candidates delivered. We feel that is an important consideration when amortizing costs of sourcing over the expected lifetime of the searches.





Daily Standup

Each day you will receive a ‘daily standup’ email that will include our activity for that day (how many passive outbound, micro-content, social media activity, phone screens, etc etc) + any resumes of interested candidates that we generated that day (mostly from previous days efforts).  This email is also deposited in basecamp for reference.

Continuous Calibration

Our discovery and calibration process is built to allow each ‘must have’ of a requisite to be judged on its own merit. We recognize that requirements may change as a search matures, thus the granular nature of the calibrations allow for re-prioritization and “must-have” adjustment without affecting the project’s overall momentum.

Must-have revisions are integrated with the project’s core search criteria multiple times per day. We deploy regularly, allowing you to experience and verify every change as soon as it is implemented.

Pair Sourcing 

Our candidate developers source in pairs in order to maintain maximum productivity and quality. This fosters an environment of active collaboration where problems are easily overcome and highest quality candidates are developed quickly.

Candidate-Centric Outreach

Our candidate developers are fully-versed on how to approach candidates with authenticity and are NOT copy and paste recruiters. Our methodology team (both design & copy development) is experienced with both small marketing sites, and large-scale outreaches. We give the highest priority to designing for specific brands and scenarios. Our team values consistent language that is both intuitive to the user, and optimized for the platform we are searching on.

A Perpetual Learning Environment

At PeopleOps we are consistently early adopters of new tools and search methodologies. We understand that even a 6% advantage, at scale, can result in huge wins for our clients. Best of all, we do not lean on the recruiting industry to provide our tools. We look at other areas such as content marketing, growth marketing and research to find creative tools not used by mainstream recruiting.

Our Process

Phase 1: Discovery

Our first step in any new client relationship is to sit down and learn about you. The candidate developers, coordinators and client service partners assigned to your project will examine your existing business situation, current employee roster, market strategies, and broad growth details. We will challenge your ideas, provide our input, and help hone your goals until they are concise and measurable.


Phase 2: Calibration 

Our designers and developers will work with you for an extended session – usually 1-3 days – in order to analyze your opening’s initial set of functional requirements, and to capture them visually (White boarding notes via video web chat).  For busy hiring managers, we will provide a sample list of candidates, for review, within 24 business hours.  Quick feedback is important to ensure we are moving forward in the right direction.

Phase 3: Candidate Development

Once a solid search framework and calibrations are in place, we begin searching. You talk to our team at least once a day (see “Daily Standup” in the next section) so that we can change direction on searches if necessary.

PeopleOps candidate developers bill an average of 40 hours per week and spend the vast majority of their billable time actually working on sourcing for your requisitions (versus attending meetings and engaging in other activities that do not directly result in delivery of candidates). In order to maximize client communication, while keeping our candidate developers on task, we also assign a part-time client service manager role, approximately 5-20 hours per week (depending on the project’s complexity.)

Proven Results


We have placed some of the most talented, world-class candidates in companies of all sizes, from Fortune 10 to companies comprised of 10.

Roles we regularly source for:

    •    J2EE/Java Roles

    •    Site Reliability

    •    Big Data / Analytics

    •    Back End Developers

    •    Front End Developers

    •    iOS Developers

    •    Android Developers

•    Full Stack Developers

    •    Executive Level/CTO    

    •    Network Related Roles

    •    Solution Architects

    •    Consultants

    •    Resident Engineers

    •    Sales Engineers

    •    Node.js Developers

    •    Angular.js Developers

•    Developers specializing in other languages like Hack, Go, Meteor, Puppet, Scala, Backbone.js, Ruby on Rails, .NET, Python, Heroku, C++, Objective-C, PHP, JavaScript, SQL, NoSQL

•    Hardware roles like Mechanical Engineering, Product Development, Industrial Design, Acoustics


Companies Selling Technology

We have placed a significant amount of Major Account, National Account, Channel Account, and Global Account level roles for leading technology companies. 

Roles that we have placed:

  • Channel Account Managers 
  • VAR Account Managers
  • Regional Account Managers
  • Inside Account Roles

Our Team

PeopleOps employs the smartest MBA’s, Developers, Researchers and Marketers we can find. If you noticed recruiting was not in that mix, you would be correct. We have found it is easier to teach than to un-teach. Our pair sourcing methodology allows us to bring in people who are accomplished outside of the recruitment space and teach them our tool sets. Often, some of our best ideas come from fresh eyes.

We work in an Agile-influenced candidate development cycle to source for your candidates.


The mission of PeopleOps' Source division is to build community with people and companies who believe and know their "WHY."  We help them discover it, champion it, and manifest its reality.  

The team is the most important factor of success for any company of any size.  PeopleOps only works with companies that agree that in order to have a great team, that team must be rallied around the company’s “why” or the problem the company is trying to solve. 

We build teams based on culture & mission first, then competency, then based on the search/job criteria.  This means that while we believe competency & mission fit trumps the job description, we will not deliver a candidate unless they fit all three criteria groups. 



If you are setting out to build the world's best coffee cup, and you recruit people who are really good at building cups but are not passionate about coffee...things are not going to go so well.  At the first sign of trouble, those are the people who jump ship.  In order to build the world’s best coffee cup, you must recruit people who are not only world-class at building cups, but are also passionate about coffee.  This is the kind of team that will make your company great and will rally around its leadership when times get tough.  This idea drives all of what PeopleOps believes and how we work...we lead with the mission of companies that WE WANT to work for, in order to recruit the very best candidates on the planet.  We screen them not only against competencies, but also against culture.  We look beyond the technical must-haves to find candidates who will become your next A players.


Even the best Talent Acquisition teams still need higher volume and better quality candidates.  Great candidates are the commodity that there can never be enough of.

At PeopleOps, we have been working hard to craft PeopleOps’s Talent Engine.  This solution is powerful enough to be a standalone sourcing solution and it’s cost effective enough to be an overlay solution within high metrics environments.

Here is how it works:

PeopleOps provides a team of dedicated consultants to your company that provide:

•       A proven methodology for uncovering the best passive candidates possible for your open searches.
•       A robust and ultra curated inbound social media campaign that is so effective, it could completely eliminate your need for paid job advertisements.  We harness the social web through our own blog channels, numerous social platforms, great micro-content, and more.
•       We screen all candidates for interest and fit prior to sending.  This means your recruiters, hiring managers, and even internal sourcers are dealing with candidates that are interested and meet your general criteria (location, comp, must-haves, etc).
•       We document everything using BaseCamp and our internal ATS to provide robust reporting available at your fingertips.

We provide all this for about $25hr TOTAL.  For $4k a month we will source across ALL of your company’s openings.  Regardless if that’s 5 or 500.  It’s the same price.  We want our ROI to be so obvious that we become a staple in your Talent Acquisition arsenal.

  We work for companies in areas that we are passionate about.  We believe that authenticity transfers into our sourcing and the results that we bring.  Don't take our word for it...we would be happy to provide references to folks we worked with in any of the below organizations.