The Hunt.

We find the one that nobody can find. That one in a million. It's all about the hunt, the chase.  Do you like hunt? Join the team! 

As a successful Associate Recruiter, you will be responsible for partnering with other recruiters and leaders throughout the organization to identify and source candidates who meet the requirements within an industry aligned segment for our clients.

Key functions include:
• Developing candidate lead lists using LinkedIn, Twitter, and other tools.
• Networking with passive candidates via phone and through online interaction and attendance at various events
• Connecting with prospects to qualify and explain responsibilities of the job(s)
• Tracking and analyzing efficiency of recruiting efforts
• Proposing and testing new ways to find outstanding prospects

You will also help create programs for establishing awareness and promotion of recruitment marketing for PeopleOps throughout the East Coast and beyond. This role reports to the Sourcing Manager who is based in Tallahassee FL.

Required Skills:
• 1+ years of recruiting related experience within corporate or agency environments
• Knowledge of leveraging candidate recruitment tools and technologies (i.e. Applicant Tracking Systems, LinkedIn, MS Excel)

Desired Skills:
• Knowledge, understanding and a keen interest in ONE of these 7 core areas : Consumer Internet, Advertising, Business Software, Retail, Social Media, Finance, or Healthcare
• Ability to expand market presence via networking, local events and creative sourcing initiatives
• Successfully deliver on all deadlines and flawlessly execute in a very fast-paced environment


If you're interested email me at

Are you a story teller?


The Micro-Content Producer specializes in telling our clients mission and opportunities to candidates in formats the transcend traditional phone or email.  

Who are you?

You’re an ultimate team player who will create value in any situation. You understand brand voice and have a passion for storytelling on every platform.  You can recognize trends, and use data to make recommendations and optimize your content.  You’re highly observant and write because you love to.  You can execute quickly and manage your time well. You’re aware of your strengths and your weaknesses.  You’re cool in the face of a challenge.  You’re “good at the internet.” You understand how to be strategic and in what circumstances determine different levels of tact. 

The task at hand:

  • You’ll work within a agile team structure with several inbound and outbound consultants to write and develop content that helps great opportunities from great brands break through the noise. 
  • You’ll help drive industry best practices and the ability to design content appropriate for each social platform, as well as be willing to learn and articulate the unique PeopleOps POV on each
  • You’ll care more about concepting, writing, developing, and putting the team in the best position to present our ideas than you do about getting credit for the work
  • You’re expected to be as much of a friendly teacher as a proficient doer when working with project managers and multi-disciplinary team around you
  • You’ll have strong storytelling skills, a mastery of grammar and the English language, and a strategic mind that can make creative decisions based on data
  • You’ll invest in popular culture and digital spaces to bring seemingly unrelated content ideas and concepts to bear

The Ideal Candidate has:

  • A Bachelor’s degree and 0-3 years of experience copywriting, developing, and creating for digital/social strategies + campaigns
  • Strong conceptual and brainstorming skills
  • The ability to follow direction and take constructive criticism
  • An aptitude for time management, organization, and communication
  • The ability to write concisely and with a strong voice, without typo or delay and with general editorial sensibilities
  • The ability to effectively collaborate with various teams, providing the most useful guidance in an enthusiastic and inspiring manner
  • A sparkling personality that will mesh well with the existing PeopleOps family and a smile on their face a majority of the time
  • An insatiable curiosity and knowledge about all things social, web, and mobile
  • A deep love and respect for communities and the power that can be housed within them supplemented by a commitment to listen and adapt as they change
  • Passion for the things you do outside of work-we love people who can bring their own interests into the mix

Please submit a digital portfolio with resume submissions.

This position is OnSite in Tallahassee, FL. 

If you're interested email me at

Who ya gonna call?

At PeopleOps, we create solutions.  PeopleOps exists for one fundamental reason: to achieve extraordinarily good results for our clients. We are the “ghost busters” of our field. At PeopleOps the team is super important, we believe in partnering with our clients to build the VERY best teams possible. We believe in aligning candidates and companies who are passionate about the same things. Mission is key. 


We are setting out to build the very best talent attraction solution available in the market and that’s where YOU come in.  Currently, we are looking for Mobile Developer intern to work directly under our founder. 


Must haves: 

  • Majoring in Computer Science
  • Experience with  Mobile Development (IOS, Android).

This position is OnSite in Tallahassee, FL. 

If you're interested email me at

The last slice of pizza.

At Pepper & Knight, a PeopleOps company, we represent the artisans driving the new global economy & large brands brave enough to challenge the status quo. 

We are looking for a Global Commerce Intern to work directly with our founder in developing this highly anticipated division. 

In this role you will have direct access with buyers, decision makers, and international trade partners.  You may spend one afternoon helping a great brand based in New York sell in L.A. and the next afternoon helping a boutique in Paris sell in China.  

This role will require:

  • Quick wit
  • Amazing communication ability (written & verbal)
  • Creativity
  • Drive.  (The kind of drive that fights for the last slice of pizza.)
  • You will also need to have a pretty good understanding of current events as it relates to business. 

This position is OnSite in Tallahassee, FL.


If you're interested email me at

Clean Water

  Water is crucial to our lively hood. There’s plenty of it around us however, it’s not always clean. Often times it's full of bacteria, chlorine, and even hormones. None of us actually want to drink that. It’s really gross and can even be harmful to our well being. However, there is a cure! Filtration systems clean our water and allow us to be hydrated without the risk of illness. 


Data is the same. It's crucial to the lively hood of your business, we’re constantly surrounded by it, yet it gets messy. If your data isn’t correct it can harm your company. If it’s not easily accessible it can cause a stall in workflow.  What if the cure was the same? What if there was a way to filter that data like water is filtered? What if accessing clean data was as easy as getting a drink from the water dispenser on your fridge? 

What if you’ve thought this exact thing before? What if you're passionate about clean and easily accessible data?

If that’s the case, I know some people you might like to talk to. 


Sunday Classifieds.

People: The Business of People.

Ops: Operating at their full potential.

The old saying goes, if you love what you do you’ll never work a day in your life. Why do so many talented people end up working for companies they don’t believe in? 


At PeopleOps we fully believe in working with companies who we love. Companies, whose mission we are proud to stand behind. Our job is to line up crazy talented people with companies that matter, companies they believe in. We are all about culture, it’s the most important ingredient in our sourcing recipe. 


Being able to love going into work every day is huge. Being able to talk about the mission of our company with pride is a wonderful thing. Actually liking your boss, who even does that anymore? 


We do..  Crazy right? 

That’s how we think it’s supposed to be. We want to put the human connection back in corporate world.  We believe talking to people like they are actually people is a really great idea. 

What if your job was fun? What if you thought your office was the coolest places in town? What if your co-workers became real friendships.


There’s a magic in the realness of humanity, we want to harness that in every aspect of the job hunt. Let's stop talking like we’re robots and actually talk to each other.


Humanity is defined by our careers. Shouldn’t you love your career? If you don’t know your companies “why” you probably shouldn't work there, if it doesn’t align with your personal “why” you definitely shouldn’t work there. 



I love my job. My boss is really cool. I hang out with my co-workers on the weekends. ;)

Wanna be able to say the same thing? 

If you're interested email me at

Building experience: Forging through the world of internships

Aspiring interns are constantly drilled with the same concepts: experience is everything, network constantly, constantly revise your resume, and highlight your skills. This is the supposed magic potion at landing a dream internship, but one key element is repeatedly looked over when preparing for interviews. 

We talk a lot about the value of a PeopleOps internship, and the importance of gaining real experience through internships. Interns need to consider what value a potential opportunity holds for them specifically, and how they can convey that to internship coordinators.

While internships can help you further understand concepts developed through higher education, they can also launch you into new opportunities. Are there non-traditional areas of your industry that intrigue you? Are there skills and responsibilities you're interested in but have yet to encounter? If you land in an organization focused on employee development, your internship may be the perfect chance to expand your horizons.

So, as you slave over building the perfect first impression, stop to consider the skills and tools you want to build through an internship. This expresses to employers you have not only succeeded in the past, but you plan to build a strong future. You may not know exactly where you want to take your career, but pointing to new skills or experiences you want to gain is a great way to demonstrate that you are thinking ahead. 

More importantly, taking ownership of this will help steer your experience and the skills you gain during your time with the company. Seek out new projects during your internship. Exercise your creativity. Don’t be afraid to engage with experienced colleagues and upper management. You never know what types of skills you may acquire by taking the initiative, thinking outside of the box and offering to help! 

Forbes Best Internships for 2013: A Breakdown

Glassdoor released their Annual Interns report earlier this year, breaking down the ten most valuable companies to intern for in the country. These companies were the highest rated among previously employed interns, and highlight some of the key attributes of a successful internship program. 

  Photo courtesy of

Photo courtesy of

Some of the common themes among these top rating companies include an engaging, laid back, inclusive atmosphere where interns feel appreciated, easy access to upper management, and opportunities to impact the company's performance with real-world responsibilities. 

These three characteristics are the foundation of the PeopleOps internship program. Our company values learning through collaboration, creative thought, and experience, and the outcomes that come from it. The PeopleOps interns are a grouped tasked with real-world responsibilities, in a comfortable creative atmosphere where everyone is considered equals, and everyones ideas are valued.


ProPublica recently launched a campaign to learn the ins and outs of the modern day internship. They're sending their own intern around the country to investigate the benefits and pitfalls of internships today.

While much controversy surrounds the issue of intern compensation, little discussion involves the value of internships for students. Are students learning valuable skills by interning? Does an internship really heighten your marketability in the job market?


Our PeopleOps interns are inspired to cultivate their innate creativity, whilst immersing themselves in the processes of an M&A Advisory firm. We appreciate our responsibility and privilege to teach young minds, reinforcing concepts learnt in the classroom through experience. 

A day as an intern in our office is part work, part play. Our interns are trusted with real responsibility, working directly with top management. They witness deals, brainstorm strategies, and research opportunities on a daily basis.

These responsibilities are achieved through critical and creative thinking: the "play". Our interns are motivated to think outside the box, utilizing their unique perspectives, interests, and experiences. We value young minds and their ability to question the norm. No idea is too big or too crazy.


#ProjectIntern is a campaign run by the non-profit investigative journalism team at It is an ongoing project series, and you can keep up with new related stories here 

Welcome to the Hub

The PeopleOps Hub is a resource for students, post-grads, and young professionals to learn about the PeopleOps community. You'll hear from everyone from current interns to senior management about the exciting things we're doing here at PeopleOps (with the occasional post-grad anecdote thrown in). 


As much as we love a piping hot cup of coffee, we understand the importance and value of our interns as intellectuals, not baristas. PeopleOps employs bright young minds prepared to apply the concepts they've learned during their college career and learn from the PeopleOps team. Our internship program is modeled to give you real world experience, involving interns in every step of our processes. 

A Variety of Fields

PeopleOps manages clients in a variety of industries, and our interns work on a team specific to one field. We want our employees to be inspired by their work, working in fields that drive their motivation towards success. From Apparel to Energy, we cover a range of topics sure to spark each employee's interests.


At PeopleOps, a large part of our time and energy is put into acquiring exciting companies with which we see a future. Our interns experience the entire acquisition process, from research to closing deals. They learn the ins and outs of interacting in a business environment, including financial negotiations and partnership development. 

Growth Creation

Modern marketing techniques known collectively as "Inbound Marketing" techniques are quickly replacing traditional push media. PeopleOps interns develop creative strategies that pull in potential customers, create a community environment, and develop long-term relationships with customers.

Human Capital

PeopleOps has reinvented the recruiting process, and interns here learn the ins and outs of contract sourcing and executive search. Interns witness every step of our unique recruiting process, and learn how to identify the perfect candidate for a client.