ProPublica recently launched a campaign to learn the ins and outs of the modern day internship. They're sending their own intern around the country to investigate the benefits and pitfalls of internships today.

While much controversy surrounds the issue of intern compensation, little discussion involves the value of internships for students. Are students learning valuable skills by interning? Does an internship really heighten your marketability in the job market?


Our PeopleOps interns are inspired to cultivate their innate creativity, whilst immersing themselves in the processes of an M&A Advisory firm. We appreciate our responsibility and privilege to teach young minds, reinforcing concepts learnt in the classroom through experience. 

A day as an intern in our office is part work, part play. Our interns are trusted with real responsibility, working directly with top management. They witness deals, brainstorm strategies, and research opportunities on a daily basis.

These responsibilities are achieved through critical and creative thinking: the "play". Our interns are motivated to think outside the box, utilizing their unique perspectives, interests, and experiences. We value young minds and their ability to question the norm. No idea is too big or too crazy.


#ProjectIntern is a campaign run by the non-profit investigative journalism team at ProPublica.org. It is an ongoing project series, and you can keep up with new related stories here