Welcome to the Hub

The PeopleOps Hub is a resource for students, post-grads, and young professionals to learn about the PeopleOps community. You'll hear from everyone from current interns to senior management about the exciting things we're doing here at PeopleOps (with the occasional post-grad anecdote thrown in). 


As much as we love a piping hot cup of coffee, we understand the importance and value of our interns as intellectuals, not baristas. PeopleOps employs bright young minds prepared to apply the concepts they've learned during their college career and learn from the PeopleOps team. Our internship program is modeled to give you real world experience, involving interns in every step of our processes. 

A Variety of Fields

PeopleOps manages clients in a variety of industries, and our interns work on a team specific to one field. We want our employees to be inspired by their work, working in fields that drive their motivation towards success. From Apparel to Energy, we cover a range of topics sure to spark each employee's interests.


At PeopleOps, a large part of our time and energy is put into acquiring exciting companies with which we see a future. Our interns experience the entire acquisition process, from research to closing deals. They learn the ins and outs of interacting in a business environment, including financial negotiations and partnership development. 

Growth Creation

Modern marketing techniques known collectively as "Inbound Marketing" techniques are quickly replacing traditional push media. PeopleOps interns develop creative strategies that pull in potential customers, create a community environment, and develop long-term relationships with customers.

Human Capital

PeopleOps has reinvented the recruiting process, and interns here learn the ins and outs of contract sourcing and executive search. Interns witness every step of our unique recruiting process, and learn how to identify the perfect candidate for a client.