The last slice of pizza.

At Pepper & Knight, a PeopleOps company, we represent the artisans driving the new global economy & large brands brave enough to challenge the status quo. 

We are looking for a Global Commerce Intern to work directly with our founder in developing this highly anticipated division. 

In this role you will have direct access with buyers, decision makers, and international trade partners.  You may spend one afternoon helping a great brand based in New York sell in L.A. and the next afternoon helping a boutique in Paris sell in China.  

This role will require:

  • Quick wit
  • Amazing communication ability (written & verbal)
  • Creativity
  • Drive.  (The kind of drive that fights for the last slice of pizza.)
  • You will also need to have a pretty good understanding of current events as it relates to business. 

This position is OnSite in Tallahassee, FL.


If you're interested email me at