1) We have the deepest market penetration possible.  

Even the largest sales organizations struggle with enough market penetration to move the needle, especially in territories with sparse coverage.  PeopleOps dives deep into markets by vertical, geography, or even as granular as by the brand.  We don't stop there!  We locate the relevant decision maker, engage the company, and make a warm introduction to your company’s closer.  "Wrap a big red bow on it Nancy because our deals get done!"

2) 24/7 transparency with an army behind the scenes. 

To stay in sync with today's rapidly changing market, PeopleOps is constantly deep diving into market intelligence, leads, hearsay, and the occasionally owed favor from folks we happen to know to find you opportunities.  All of our activities are documented on our own tools that you will have access to as well as your tools that we are happy to input for you.  This is more work then an army of sales people can get done...and we charge for roughly the price of one. 

3) We can get started Monday.  

We are just people.  People that are really good at what we do.  There isn't a program to learn or anything to implement.  We can get through the contracts in a few minutes (we bill month-month, so you can cancel anytime) and we just need to do one on-boarding call (about 30 minutes) to know where to get information that we will need and voila.  You will typically start seeing pipeline results your first week, appointments your first month, and new sales will of course be dependent on your organic process but the fuel will be there! 

4) No 'BS!'

We are real people who only work with B2B companies we like.  We are not the same telemarketer/appointment setting service we too get offered every day.  This is the same selling solution that allowed our little consulting firm in Tallahassee (yes, you read that right) to sign the best brands in the world and be invited to speak at conferences on how we did it. This is how, and for  roughly the price of 1 full-time sales person, we will do it for you.  Our goal is 3-4X the quota of your typical sales person.  We achieve this by increasing the direct sales revenue across several of your existing closers.  Helping them, and your company, make more money.