Today, a typical sales process happens across lots of channels and touch points.  Some touch points are intuitive, some are not.  Your PeopleOps seller consultant is aware of it all.  When we make an introduction, research new leads, or begin the reach out process to create demand for a territory, we pay attention to all the nuances that go into creating a viable interested prospect. 

We fully utilize social media to automatically pull in useful details that make building context easy.  Every lead we give you, we will also provide a "backstory" report on everything we have about both the company and the buyer as an individual.  

Even with all our innovation our process is simple.  

  • We identify new leads based on the given specific targeted data.  
  • We do regular calibration sessions to go over each lead prior to reaching out. 
  • We reach out to the pre-selected leads.
  • We make introductions to interested prospects, schedule follow-ups for leads that would like more information, and purge companies that are not interested. 
  • We repeat this process in order.