After initial discovery, storycarding, wireframing and identity phases, we work in an Agile-influenced design and development cycle to implement your application, solution, process, or sales team. 

Phase 1: Discovery

Our first step in any new client relationship is to sit down and learn about you. Our consultants assigned to your project will examine your existing business situation, user profiles, market strategies, and broad implementation details. We’ll challenge your ideas, provide our input, and help hone your goals until they are concise and measurable.

Phase 2: Wireframing

Our designers and developers will work with you for an extended session – usually 1-3 days in length – in order to analyze your stand-up's initial set of functional requirements and capture them visually (in the form of wireframes) and functionally (in the form of storycards).

Each wireframe represents a specific piece of your stand-up's operation These wireframes are for consultants and designer’s reference, and are deliberately primitive in style in order to focus on how the interactions will work, rather than how they will look.

The consultant assigned to your project will provide both tactical & strategic direction for your project. In this phase of our process, they will examine each step in your project and help tailor each interaction to your stakeholders and their needs.

Phase 3: Storycarding

Each storycard represents a specific piece of your project's functionality. Breaking down each action item into its smallest possible component allows us to provide detailed analysis of those that are deemed most critical or costly. Our consultants will then give each of these stories an estimation in story points. The points convey the relative difficulty or technical risk of each storycard. Summation of points form the basis for making realistic, ongoing budget projections and release milestones for each phase of the project.

At the end of this phase, you will have a detailed, ordered roadmap of what development will take place, and a visual skeleton of how users will interact with each part of your project.

Phase 4: Look & Feel

Once we have wireframes and stories ready to go, our consultant team will work with you to figure out all the details of your branding, culture and visual identity. We will either guide you through the identity creation process, or work within the bounds of any existing identity requirements that you may have.

You will work directly with one of our consultants to hash out mockups of your projects key 'must-haves'. This head start assures that your project will stay one step ahead throughout the deployment process, allowing consultants to deliver solutions & human capital that are ready to launch.

Phase 5: Build & Deployment

Once a solid design framework and storycard backlog are in place, we begin deployment. You’ll talk to our team at least once a day (see “Daily Standup” in the next section), and we will deploy milestones on a semi-daily basis.

PEOPLEOPS consultants bill an average of 40 hours per week and spend the vast majority of their billable time actually working on your project (versus meetings and other activities that do not directly result in deployment). We anticipate a maximum of 10 hours of our consultants time to be needed per week for travel, and there are some weeks when they will not be needed at all.

In order to maximize client communication while keeping our consultants on task, we also assign a part- time project management role, approximately 5-20 hours per week (depending on the project’s complexity).