Our Ops team is the evolution of our company.  In 2008 when we first started PeopleOps, we approached the talent acquisition market from a very different perspective.  It is hard to remember now, but 2008 pre-dated a lot of the tools and processes that are common practice now in talent acquisition.  When the recession started getting gnarly in late 08' and early '09 we found ourselves looking to diversify.  We angel invested in several startups, and we began to discover that the things that made us successful in talent acquisition and executive search platformed well into other areas.  Over the last several years while we have steadily grown our core candidate sourcing business we have BETA tested (and successfully exited) a lot of the solutions we are now making it a permanent part of our core business. 

Our Operations team will focus on three core areas: 

1) CorpDev:  We have built a network of more than 3000 Corporate M&A Departments, Private Equity funds, and family offices.  We find great brands that are mid-market level (0-150M) that match against buy-side mandates given to us by our network. 

2) Procurement:  About a year ago we hooked up with Ariba Discovery.  A global commerce platform that does about 700B in sales globally.   We discovered that there was a lot of value to buyers for companies like mine to help curate, innovate, and improve their supplier networks.   Our procurement team works with these procurement teams to find innovative solutions on a no-cost basis.  

3) Supplier Solutions:  We are a firm based in Tallahassee Florida, yet we have done business with literally the biggest brands in the world.  How can a small company compete (and win) against companies all over the world?  It's the same reason Ariba asked us to speak at Ariba Live & SAP Sapphire.  Our supplier solution can increase your companies sales 2-3X!