Best in Breed; Not Necessarily Best Available

In today’s market, with unemployment rates nearly doubled in the last twelve months and the number of potential candidates for job openings steadily rising, it has become extremely difficult for hiring managers and recruiters to find the best potential employee. While sources such as mainstream job boards provide a hiring manager a large applicant pool to fill potential job openings, there is a wealth of vastly more targeted candidates who are often missed. There are a number of other sources to find the true “Best in Breed” candidates. Sources such as LinkedIn, Jigsaw, Spoke, as well as a wealth of individualized professional sites and forums give a trained sourcer a huge source of potential candidates to tap into. At PeopleOps, we have found especially for difficult areas such as for specialized law firms, computer science based engineering, etc… finding on-the-money candidates is the only way to provide true value. With these top quality candidates, We are able to present to our hiring authority a clear picture of the best applicants available. Having worked closely with hiring authorities, we know the time constraints placed on them. Hiring authorities are often busy with pressing job requirements and just simply do not have the time to “cut through the noise” and find the best-qualified candidate.