Context Sourcing

  If content is king then 'CONTEXT' is the Kingslayer and about to overthrow him.  As social media is becoming more like a 1938 style "my [virtual] handshake is my bond", so too will the way organizations recruit talent. 


   Context within Content. is content...Iphone User Group, that's context.  Context is the layer that makes data valuable.  If 50% of landing a job is 'who you know' what happens when everyone knows everyone?  When job referrals are plentiful?  Context is what is going to make it manageable.

   In corporate America, no recruiting tool has even been able to stand up to the employee referral.  The problem is that too many companies cannot manifest enough employee referrals so they have to rely on external staffing resources.  I for one, am personally happy about this, but none-the-less, the 'context' evolution of social media is about to spill over into this area as well.

   Context is organic targeting.  This means that the right kind of information organically finds the right audience for that information.  Software engineers will hear about opportunities from their open source communities like Forrst or GitHub.  Account Executives now get the latest product ranking for Gartner's Magic quadrant from their Linkedin news feed (that shows who they know at the organization).  Every professional group has pockets they huddle in...pockets that provide the context ...not content...they are seeking.

Here is one quick tip to increasing your Context right away:

Lower the barrier of entry:  Sometimes Context is not always about whether or not your candidates are reading your message but WHAT they are reading it on.  Majority of email is now consumed via a smart device... but most devices are currently not smart enough to store a resume.  So if you try to get a slam dunk on a cold email odds are they are going to either delete your email or simply forget to get back to you.