Recruiting Smart+Hard+Fast

The Method Manifesto is as much about the tactical of sourcing candidates as it is about the strategic.  The basic recruiting or sourcing model goes as follows:

Step 1:  Have an intake meeting with a hiring manager or recruiter about the search, understanding the must haves and idiosyncrasy of the role.  

Note:  keep in mind the person taking notes is a recruiter and not a person from the field they will be recruiting in.  

Step 2:  The recruiter will start scouring various online tools such as job boards, Linkedin, and if they are really savvy buying some targeted name generation.  

Step 3:  The recruiter then reviews each resume found and makes a call to the 1 in 5 that are actually on target.  Most likely the recruiter will dial through about 50 resumes in a day, however if they are a lower level recruiter they could potentially do as much as 100.  

Note:  The math behind this is, lets say they have a 40% contact ratio (which is fairly accurate high).  If the Sr. Recruiter makes 50 dials and speaks with 20 people over the course of 2 days to include call backs, they will most likely get about 5-8 candidates.  What happens next?  In order for them to get to that 50 dials they had to review almost 250 resumes.

Step 4:  When a candidate actually answers the phone the recruiter usually gives a little canned pitch and discusses with the candidate on if he or she would be interested in the role.  If so, the recruiter will do a quick phone interview discussing the role and then passes along those notes to the hiring manager. 

The results for a day long process will average 2-3 candidates.  

The Method bases sourcer would conduct their searches as follows:

Step 1:  On the intake session, The Method based sourcer will only care about two pieces of info (outside of the basics) what are your THREE top “must haves” and who are your TOP 10 competitors.  

The Method sourcer knows that most likely the person that will ultimately get hired will posses the three things the hiring manager really wants and will most likely or at least preferably come from a direct competitor. 

Step 2: Not needing name generation, the Method Sourcer will search ALL available online tools such as Linkedin,, Facebook, Twitter, Google & Bing Searches, Zoominfo, as well as through various other niche sites and platforms.   However, we do not save our work we simply shoot a “Method” based message to each candidate.  We already know based on our criteria that they are likely to be qualified so our question is really simple... “Are you keeping your eyes and ears open to an opportunity?” 

Step 3: Within an hour of beginning a search, the Method Sourcer has already located and reached out to (no spam, 1:1 reaching out) to at least 100 candidates.  Allowing them to reply back whenever they are available.  This free’s the Sourcer to move to another search or task.  

Step 4:  Out of every 100 candidates reached out to, the ratio is typically 10 responses (with resumes) and 5 are qualified enough to pass through to the hiring manager.  You may note that its about the same amount of results as the Sr. Recruiter.  While this is true, keep in mind it took that Sr. Recruiter a full 2 days of work to generate that, while the Method Sourcer only spent a little over an hour total.  

Average candidates daily for a method sourcer are around 10-13 per day and can be over 20 in a crunch.  Each candidate is interested, resume captured, from a targeted competitor, and possesses the three “must haves.”