Rewriting the rules...

I will not keep beating the drum that every piece is now this should be understood.  Implementing the method will help to immediately relieve the tactical side but what about the strategic? 

Lets examine piece by piece to understand how The Method would fundamentally change how staffing functions look, feel, and operate:

1) Employment Branding Websites.  I get that these are important, but why?  Branded websites target whom?  The job seeker.  It is known within the staffing community that for most companies inbound applicants result in under 5% of total hires for the year.  This is regardless of industry vertical.  Even in organizations where due to OFCCP and other government mandated factors that force corporations to MAKE candidates apply, those candidates are actually directly sourced candidates...this in many cases skewed up the percentages.  

Companies do not need to poor tens of thousands of dollars into a platform to chase candidates that they really do not want to hire first.  Most of the new applicant tracking systems such as Jobvite offer an embedded widget or stand alone site code that will function just fine.  Dealing with an Applicant Tracking System that does not offer a custom website option?  That’s can simply use a blog platform.  Wordpress or even micro blogging platforms like Posterous or Tumblr can allow RSS feeds of your jobs to auto-populate your blog page that broadcasts your jobs to all of your social media.  Candidates do not care about a slick branded fact it hurts the companies image with younger top candidates.  However, a simple but well connected job feed that is easy to navigate will do just fine and save your company tens of thousands of dollars a year.  

2) Employment Branded Campaigns:  After reading the above point, one rebuttal maybe “what about our employment videos.”  Employment videos, if done right, can be very powerful.  Most companies, depending on your brand’s cool factor, should move toward more authentic media versus highly edited content.  You will attract better talent with a flip camera that is edited on a Mac then you will be paying a production company thousands of dollars to produce a slick video brochure of employees reciting previously agreed to messages.   Every company should have a tour shot showing what the offices look like.  It is to be hoped that your offices have character...if they don’t add some as you would be surprised how much a really cool office has to do with employees liking their company.  Prospective employee’s, especially passive ones, want to see the grass on the other side.    In the tour include visuals of your companies perks.  If your company offers free snacks, lets you take your dog to work, has a gaming room, whatever, include that on the tour video.  After that its important to get a sit down with every department at every level.  This is both empowering to the employe’s contributing to the video as well as creates a massive credibility effect to your recruiting efforts.  Especially if your recruiters are following the method, this gives them vital ammo to distribute to their groups and targeted social graphs that they are curating for their departments. 

3) Search Engine Optimization:  This is important but your company does not need to pay a marketing company to do this for your recruiting efforts.  Here is why.  We know that more job seekers use sites like Simply Hired, Linkedin, and Indeed to search for jobs versus going to a job board.  So companies, instead of paying hundreds of dollars per post to many of these boards (and some are also doing both) are paying for SEO and paying for pay-per-click postings.  Here is why that should stop immediately.  You are paying significant portions of your revenue to target a candidate pool that results in only a 5% success ratio.  Why?  Also, if you are using the method properly, as you post your jobs they are simultaneously hitting groups, multiple twitter feeds, Facebook pages, and probably about 5 or 10 other platforms...guess what this does?  You guessed it, it helps it rank.  Bing, Microsoft's search engine, announced that Facebook likes now influence where an article ranks.  This is the beginning of that trend that will force search engines to become far more social then they are now.  By focusing on targeted 1:1 branding as detailed in this book, you will not have to “stack it high and let it fly” anymore.... This also includes not having to pay the bill that comes with it either.