State of the Union: CEO - Answers section

I hate it when writes create problem statements that resonate but leave you rabbit holing through a book or paper trying to find the answer.  So here are short answers to the problem statements.  I will still elaborate later in the book, but if you are a CEO reading this it will give you enough information be be able to confidentially throw this book at the leadership that is supposed to be running your staffing yelling “WTF.” 

1) If you want authenticity, be authentic.  First, know you cannot control your message any longer.  If you marketing and PR disagree fire them, they are out of touch.  You gain authenticity by 1:1 employment branding.  This is achieved not by your VP, Director, or front line managers.  This is achieved by your hiring managers and your recruiters/sourcers.  Each hiring manager/recruiter should spend at minimum 2 hours a day on social branding.  The first hour is on creating relevant content to the space they are recruiting for.  If the recruiter is not familiar with that space he or she should create a blog interviewing the hiring manager/department employees that are.  The key is to distribute relevant content EVERY DAY.  Then, immediately after the content is published, the next hour should be spent on Twitter, Linkedin, Quora, Xing, commenting and talking to every person’s comment or post that is in the space.  No LINKS, NO APPLY HERE...just networking.  Each of the profiles should link back to the specific jobs that the recruiter or the hiring manager is recruiting for.  That’s all they get; but if they do this every day...after some time when a new role is opened, you will have all the candidates you need within 24 hours.  Candidates that care about your team, already feel invested, and ones that are authentically interested in contributing. 

2) Increasing a companies speed to fill.  All non-revenue positions should be filled within 30 days ...all revenue creating positions should be filled within 15.  Here is how to do it.  

     The hiring manager’s head count, budget, etc should be awarded at the beginning of the year.  After that, creating an approved requisition and offer letter should be no harder then entering basic information into a CRM style application and clicking send.  Does this software exist?  Yep, you have engineers them to build it.   

     The hiring manager should be the recruiter, his assistant the coordinator, and have a dedicated sourcing partner (or recruiter if you must) to jump start the search.  They should first reach out to their social graph with a clear idea of what they are looking for, next they should reach out to local candidates from their competitors, and finally they should reach out based on proper skill set.  NO POSTS.  Sure, post on your internal website for EEO purposes but do not bother opening a requirement and pushing it out online.  Less then 2% of candidates for most organizations are hired from within a companies Applicant Tracking System.  Finally, within 10 business days put together a slate of 10 candidates.  That is 1 a day...even a sourcer working 20 reqs at a time can get you 10 candidates in 2 business weeks.  Interview ALL 10, in person if possible.  Skip the phone interview and just block a day out and have them come in.  Out of the 10 assuming you stuck to the sourcing benchmarks (first social graph, next competitors, third skill set only) you should have a great candidate.  All the candidates that were not hired should get a 1:1 tweet thanking them for taking their time and give them something free (swag, etc).  Do not give them a discount, even if its just a sweat band, make sure its free. 

Once a candidate is selected, the HM or even the coordinator inputs the basic info and HR is able to send out the hire packet all within 24 hours of the interview.  Simple, Fast, Effective.  

3) If the CEO is involved then shit will get done.  What is important to you (speaking to the CEO)?  Is it creating the next product?  Increasing your front line sales NOW?  Maybe its firing your bull shit Marketing Agency to build your branding in house.  Remember authenticity? Well, only focus on the projects that matter to you.  Have the recruiting process work the same but personally take 15 minutes out of your day to do a quick phone interview with the hiring managers top 3 candidates.  Bring in the hiring manager who is probably several dotted lines below you for a lunch or a coffee if you can swing it.  Let them know your vision and how they are a strategic asset to you and the company.