The Method Recruiter


 The systematic approach for most recruiters I have been (attempted) to be trained by and those I have observed typically have a similar approach to recruiting candidates.  For the most part, recruiters avoid sourcing for numerous reasons:

Too Many Requirements 

Too Little Time

Too Many Meetings


   Recruiters are also a mixed bunch from a background perspective.  Its rare for recruiting to be someone’s career choice from the beginning.  Some have started out in HR which means they are typically more grounded in process then in the tactical it takes to actually recruit.  These are the vital people who make sure reports are solid and accurate, finance actually approves the reqs, interviews are coordinated properly, and the list of vital importance goes on and on.  One thing NOT listed though is ‘recruit great candidates’....oh and for the record ‘review incoming resumes in ATS’ is NOT the same thing. 

   This is not to say that all those above tasks are not important.  Quite honestly those previously stated tasks plus others like actually closing the candidates, putting together offer letters, etc are also critical to closing out requirements in a timely manner. 

   The Method Recruiter does not, should not, could not (a nod to Dr. Seuss) provide those tasks.  Why not?  Because they are a Method Rec*cruit*er.  Definition:  d Method Recruiter truly partners within a specific department to provide expert guidance and to deliver the best in breed candidates available for any given search within that assigned department.  

    So what does the process look like, or at least should look like?  The HR Function should have 2 people tied to it.  The HR Business Partner who has the authority to make sure Finance and other critical departments behind the scenes move with speed.  The other person would be the Coordinator the takes care of the ‘nuts and bolts’ items mentioned above.  

    On the hiring manager’s side, his assistant will help the Coordinator with department specific information.  The Hiring Manager will interview and in writing select the candidates and the Recruiter will focus on presenting a batch of 10 on the money candidates for a 1-2 day interview.  

     It sounds simplistic because it is.  In fact, this is all that needs to be said in this post.