Gen Y Executive Search 

  With many of the most sought after board members, product leaders, and CXO level candidates coming from leading startups executive teams are starting to look a lot less like the peppered gray haired boards that represent majority of the Global 2000. 

   With these highly sought after Gen Y executives that are often under or in their early thirty’s the approach from an executive recruiting stand point must also be different.  Here are a couple points to consider:

  1. They probably don’t like you.   Many early stage founders have had a plethora of bad experiences working with recruiters and just like we lump all of our bad experiences and blanket an industry with it (telemarketers, collectors, attorney’s, etc) they do too.  You have to overcome this by first showing your actually read about them and not calling out of the blue.  Do your homework and whatever you do, don’t wing it. 
  2. They are not motivated by traditional compensation packages.  The onslaught of startups funded by venture money has brought on a new set of benchmarks Gen Y executives execute against.  Sure P&L is important but that comes second to client/user experience, subscriber growth, or other top line metrics.  

  PeopleOps happens to bridge that gap of being comfortable in a wider range of settings compared to our legacy competitors.  Our team is ran by a Gen Y executive and we understand how to communicate your value proposition for winning results. 

Gen Y Executive Recruiting @PeopleOps

Gen Y Executive Recruiting @PeopleOps

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