‘Management Consulted’

   Funny enough, even though PeopleOps is now among them, we have always referred to Management Consultants as “suits.”  If PeopleOps has a disdain for consulting why are we in fact, in their sand box? 

   The mission of management consulting is not the dispute.  The ability to partner with leaders of organizations of all sizes and ages to help drive growth, overcome business critical obstacles, or help executive teams exit or grow their legacy.  

    Where the difference does become stark contrasts is in the approach, thought process, and execution of these solutions.  PeopleOps doesn’t saddle our clients with oppressive hourly rates to only present to boards information they probably already knew.  PeopleOps approaches every client from our “three truth’s” philosophy.  

     What is our “three truth’s” philosophy?  In our opinion the score card for any company can be weighted by top line growth, bottom line profit, and it’s amount of capital to deploy.  Very few companies do all three well with most only doing one well.  With that philosophy in mind, PeopleOps architects are solutions with a results oriented approach.  


Jonah Manning

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