the AWFUL 3rd wheel

  Nearly 500 million people worldwide use an iPhone to talk, text, or FaceTime. iOS developers make that possible. They are the justice league behind the scenes that you don’t even think about when you get that hilarious text from your momma who still can’t text, when you FaceTime your best friend because you had the worst day ever, or when you’re stuck in the middle of nowhere and your phone knows how to get you home, etc. iOS developers make it possible for our mobile devices to be our sidekicks. In a world where mobile communication is dominant, they connect us to the humans we care about. To the humans who care about us. 


I’m beginning to see the art in coding. As I listen to tutorials and browse over what simply looks like a wet cat attacked the keyboard, I’m amazed. You see, to me coding is a super power and if you can write code you’re basically a Superman or a Wonder Woman


The problem is, there is disconnect between humanity and the way we use technology to connect. It's like when you're hanging out with your best friend and you can't actually say what you want to say cause her boyfriend is there (and he's literally the most obnoxious person on the planet). Ads are like that. Spam on your social platforms is the awful third wheel that can't take a hint. It's what takes the humanity away from our mobile connections. 

Is there a way the Justice League can save us from the third wheel?          

I think so. Do you? 

Side note: 

If you happen to be a coding superhero looking to team up with a justice league to bring humanity back to technology click here! 


(Grateful owner of an iPhone that is my sidekick)