Go is a great scripting languages for Site Reliability but hard to recruit for

y favorite blog post on Site Reliability called it the "world's most intense pit crew."  After placing many SRE's the last couple of years I could not agree more.  After searching for lots of great companies not just in the bay area but also around the U.S. and internationally I have found certain scripting languages are sought after more then others ...but are really hard to find.  If you are considering transitioning from Software Engineering to DevOps or Site Reliability, learning Go could give you a great leg up. 

  • Go   Go is an open source programming language that makes it easy to build simple, reliable, and efficient software. 

A great resource I found for Go was on Dave Chaney's blog.  

Question of the day:  If you are an SRE or DevOps Engineer, what is your favorite scripting language and why? 

Jonah Manning

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