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People: The Business of People

Ops: Operating at their full potential. 

The old saying goes, if you love what you do you’ll never work a day in your life. Why do so many talented people end up working for companies they don’t believe in? 

At PeopleOps we fully believe in working with companies who we love. Companies, whose mission we are proud to stand behind. Our job is to line up crazy talented people with companies that matter, companies they believe in. We are all about culture, it’s the most important ingredient in our sourcing recipe. 

Being able to love going into work every day is huge. Being able to talk about the mission of our company with pride is a wonderful thing. Actually liking your boss, who even does that anymore? 

We do..  Crazy right? 

That’s how we think it’s supposed to be. We want to put the human connection back in corporate world.  We believe talking to people like they are actually people is a really great idea. 

What if your job was fun? What if you thought your office was the coolest office in town? What if your co-workers became real friendships.

There’s a magic in the realness of humanity, we want to harness that in every aspect of the job hunt. Let's stop talking like we’re robots and actually talk to each other.

Humanity is defined by our careers. Shouldn’t you love your career? If you don’t know your companies “why” you probably shouldn't work there, if it doesn’t align with your personal “why” you definitely shouldn’t work there. 


I love my job. My boss is really cool. I hang out with my co-workers on the weekends. ;)

Wanna be able to say the same thing?