Overnight success looks a lot like 10 years of hard work

As I sit here on a plane waiting to take off for my first leg. I notice the crowd on this flight is considerably different then my normal flight mates.

As a guy who regularly clips 100k sky miles in the time it takes most people to go between oil changes, consider this observation to have a fairly good sampling.

The folks on this plane are clearly not flying on business. Of course it's possible they are in civilian clothing until tomorrow but I am fairly certain for the vast majority that is not the case.

The point I am taking obnoxiously long to make is success to the outside often looks overnight. Sort of like when you see a distant relative's kid and six months later (it seems) you get their high school graduation photo.

For me, success is simply hitting enough medium size wins that the big losses don't crush you. In the process assuming you don't give up, a major win is inevitable. Thus your 'overnight' success.