We Source and Architect solutions with suppliers with a story.  

You drive by your local Whole foods to see a packed parking lot almost any given time.  Artisanal food makers are popping all over the place.  Products that are made with sustainable resources are out performing their counterparts.  Starbucks can barely keep up with the local roasters.  Companies like TOMS are thriving because they offer social good with every shoe purchased.  These trends have captured consumer spend and it is only a matter of time (measurable in months) before it impacts business spend.

How do you innovate your static suppliers without breaking your budget or sacrificing reliable delivery? 

You can achieve all of that with PeopleOps procurement management solutions and expertise. Take some time to explore what we have to offer. Because over the next 24 hours,  PeopleOps will save our clients more then 10% on supply costs they were purchasing already. What's more, we are doing it while providing a product, service, and buying experience that is far and away higher quality and authentic.  

Spend Analysis

Dive beyond the data around spend.  PeopleOps delivers macro level supplier information all the way down to consultant, sub-contractor, OEM, or even ingredient. 

Supplier Discovery

In addition to being deeply intrenched within Ariba's almost 2million suppliers we can call upon, we have cultivated our own community of thousands of venture backed startups, artisanal makers, family owned mills, old-world carpenters, award winning design firms, thousands of software consultants, and the list goes on and on.  Whatever your need is, PeopleOps can surely architect a solution to exceed expectations in every measurable way.


This is the building block of all we do.  PeopleOps does all the heavy lifting for you (at no cost) to source and architect solutions together to provide the very best solution on every component of your request.  Not just relying on some multi-national company as a one stop shop that will deliver subpar results.

Contract Management

One of the biggest barriers of dealing with smaller suppliers is a lack of sophistication during the contract process.  PeopleOps acts as the supplier on record to make the contract management process as painless as possible.  We then assume the burden of spend management and delivery.  Orchestrating across one or several suppliers for any given invoice.