We believe that to build the very best team possible... the kind of team that is the difference maker between winning and losing... it takes working with individuals who are sincerely passionate about your company’s mission.

If you are setting out to build the world's best coffee cup, and you recruit people who are good at building cups but are not passionate about coffee...things are not going to go so well.  At the first sign of trouble, those are the people who jump ship.  To build the world’s best coffee cup, you must recruit individuals who are not only world-class at building cups but are also passionate about coffee.  This is the kind of team that will make your company great and will rally around its leadership when times get tough.  This idea drives all of what PeopleOps believes and how we work...we lead with the mission of companies that WE WANT to work for, to recruit the very best candidates on the planet.  We screen them not only against competencies, but also against culture.  

Even the best Talent Acquisition teams still need higher volume and better quality candidates.  

At PeopleOps, we have been working hard to craft PeopleOps’s Talent Engine.  This solution is powerful enough to be a standalone sourcing solution, and it’s cost effective enough to be an overlay solution within high metrics environments.

Here is how it works:

PeopleOps provides a team of dedicated consultants to your company that provides:

•       A proven methodology for uncovering the best passive candidates possible for your open searches or pipelining for candidate types your business repeatedly looks for. 

•       A robust and ultra curated inbound social media campaign that is so effective, it could eliminate your need for paid job advertisements.  

•       We screen all candidates for interest and fit before sending.  This means your recruiters, hiring managers, and even internal sourcers are dealing with candidates that are interested and meet your general criteria (location, compensation, must-haves, etc.).

We provide all this for about $5k per month total.